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This is an original print exhibited at IFVA Award Exhibition by Hong Kong Art Center in 2018, and a piece included in New Order / Siren Call?, Goh’s art project which focuses on the cryptocurrency and distributed ledger like blockchain as an artistic concept.

About This Piece

Virtual Virtual Coins is a series of pieces generated by artificial intelligence which was learned all existing cryptocurrencies and legal-currencies, and it is a part of his project, NewOrder/SirenCall?.
It consists of broken signs of currency=uncertain patterns as future coins, that were picked up from large quantity generated images by him.

The word, “Virtual Currency==仮想 通貨”, is often used in the news media and became a legal term in Japan. But the word is just a mistake because it makes an impression that “Real Currency exists” even though the all currencies are virtual from the beginning. And this word was defined by central banks and national governments, and it is propaganda to cause fictitious conflict which “The existing legal currency is the Real Currency==Right Currency” but “The others are not Real even if they function as currency”.
He introduced this strange situation as one of the inspirations, then really generated “Virtual Currency” from “Virtual Currency they say”.

1) Slim White Frame, Aluminum (white, black, silver available
2) Bold Black Frame, Wood (white, black available
3) Aluminum Mounting

*If you have a request for frame color or thickness or material, please write it on the ‘Order notes’ on the checkout page. If it is blank, the artist(Goh) chooses the frame.


TypeOriginal Print
Edition (?)30
AuthenticityArtist’s Sign & Certificate
MaterialInk(Pigment) on SemiGlossPaper
Created at2018
Size30 x 30 cm
ConditionNew Piece
Delivery TimeFrame: 2~4 weeks
Box: 2~4 weeks
Raw: 1~2 weeks

_* Please understand that the color may be slightly different between the image on your display and the real thing. Also the image on the web is compressed and deteriorated._

Quality & Finishing Option - Prints

All prints are made with the highest quality specialty paper/film and archival ink, and can keep the color for a long time. Also, they are original prints, the artist himself creates and checks the quality.In addition, we will outsource some framing processes to specialized pro-lab/frame-shop, in order to decorate the piece as soon as it arrives and to be enjoyable over a long period stably.

  • In case of the ‘Pre-Order’, the production duration by artist is around 3 to 5 days after the payment is done.
  • In case of the ‘Framing’, the delivery days will be added for around 2 weeks. That means the pro-lab/frame-shop requires that days for their processes.
  • The final delivery days is the sum of transportation days from Japan and the all days above.

*If you have a request for frame color or thickness or material, please write it on the “Order notes” on the checkout page. If it is blank, the artist(Goh) chooses the frame.

♦ Frame – Aluminum Mounting

A finishing method for bonding aluminum-composite-plate to the back side of the print.
Because the printed surface becomes exposed, this option is suitable for exhibiting while feeling the texture of the print as it is.
(This option is a printed surface is exposed, so if you continue to display as it is, discoloring will proceed fast. If you like the print, we strongly recommend to put it in a box-frame or to save it in a dark place, within a few years.)

  • Around 2 weeks will be added to the delivery days.

♦ Frame – Acrylic Mounting

A finishing method for bonding an acrylic-plate to the surface of the print.
The impressions of clarity and depth increase, and they contribute to the feeling of luxury as an objet.
In addition, because the printed surface is protected, it is resistant to deterioration and the handling is easy.

  • Around 2 weeks will be added to the delivery days.

♦ Frame – Standard Framing

A finishing method with wooden or aluminum frame and archival mat. The artist chooses the frame color, size, and mat depending on the piece.

  • Around 2 weeks will be added to the delivery days.




a sectional plan of a wood frame (The presence or absence of the barrier tape&sheet depends on the price range.

♦ Frame – Float Mounting

A framing combined the aluminum mounting and the standard frame without mat. The print is mounted on an aluminum composite plate, then it is set in a standard frame. This option can protect the surface of the print with an acrylic board on the frame.
The artist chooses the frame color and size depending on the work.

  • Around 2 weeks will be added to the delivery days.




a sectional plan of a wood frame (The presence or absence of the barrier tape&sheet depends on the price range.

♦ Box – Archiving

An option for collectors to preserve the print as an asset for a long time. The print is protected with an acid-free archival box and mat with museum grade processing. If the print is stored properly, even it is an inkjet piece, the durability of the ink is estimated to be 200 years by chemical test.
It is easy to fit in a standard picture frame, please select this option when you want to choose your favorite frame.
Also, this option is good if you do not have enought space to store lots of framed prints.

  • Around 1~2 weeks will be added to the delivery days.


♦ Raw – Print Only

This is a ‘print-only’ option for only advanced users. If you have your favorite pro-lab/frame-shop for framing or conservation goods, please select this option. We will send you the raw print with a minimal package.
Also, the price of this option is the ‘reference price’ of the art piece itseilf.

  • This option is not available for the time being because we need to establish a production workflow includes frame-shop/pro-lab.
  • //Around 3~5 days. As soon as production is completed, it will be shipped.



Payment & Shipping Process

This is the basic flow from payment to delivery.


This shop accepts payments of the cryptocurrency via and byte-payments. Currently, the following coins are available.

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The basic flow:
  1. Enter the shipping address on the “CheckOut” page, and check the shipping fee, then push the “PlaceOrder/PayWithByte” button and go to the coin-selection-page at or the payment-page for Byteball.
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  3. The production is started after the remittance is confirmed. We will send you an email of order acceptance. Please check the coinpayments page for the confirmation number of each coin.
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In the case of Pre-order, we start production after the payment is confirmed. The delivery days depends on the items&finishing-options and your country.
Most items will be delivered in 1 to 4 weeks. But if customs stops the items or your country is very far from Japan, it may need more time.

  • Please check the shipping fee on the CheckOut page.
  • Please check the Finishing Option page for the production duration for each item.
The basic flow:
  1. The production is started after the payment, and needs 3 ~ 5 days generally. When the production in our lab is finished, we will send an email. (E.g. “The production of your items has been finished. From now, we will send them to pro-lab…..”)
    If the finishing-option in your order is only ‘Raw-PrintOnly’, we will ship to your address at this point.
  2. In the case of Framing, 2 to 3 weeks will be added to the delivery days in order to ask external pro-lab/frame-shop. After the items are returned to our lab and inspection is completed, we will ship to your address.
  3. When shipping the items, we will send an e-mail containing the tracking number. Please track the items and inquire the delivery status of post offices, by yourself.

– We are not responsible for any trouble during transportation. E.g, we can not refund even if the item is destroyed or stolen by anyone except our fault.
– If the items are lost or damaged during delivery, please recover from the insurance. In that case, the amount is declared in JPY and the rate from “BTC to JPY” at the time of purchase is applied.
– For details, please check our shipping&returns policy.

Owner's Manual

Minimum Contents (The contents depend on your order.

In the case of the Aluminum Mounting

  • Art piece
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • White gloves
  • Hooks for wall hanging

Installation Tips

For handling the work, please use the attached white gloves and do not touch the printed surface with your hands.

How to keep art prints.

The print deteriorates and discolors under the influence of air, gas and ultraviolet rays.

  • Avoiding direct sunlight and strong lighting.
  • Avoiding high temperature and humidity.
  • Avoiding smoke, gas, sea breeze, etc.

In the case of the Aluminum Mounting
This option is a printed surface is exposed so it can be displayed in sharp and the price is cheap. However, if you continue to display as it is, discoloring will proceed fast.
If you like the print, we strongly recommend to put it in a box-frame or to save it in a dark place, within a few years.

Is the discoloration evil?

I think it is not always evil.
For example, there is a discolored poster in a smoky pub. The poster tells the years that have been decorated and the history of the pub, and that is a unique value that can not be replaced by anything else.
The way of value is not one. As art became a speculative thing, people might have forgotten the basic things.

Who is the artist?

Goh UOZUMI aims to intervene in historical paradigm shift by art, and creates works/systems by algorithm based methodologies with taking other intelligence/existence than human beings into consideration. His concepts and motifs cover a wide range in Arts&Technology, including cryptocurrency, mass surveillance, distributed autonomous network and new computational formation theory in arts, and he has exhibited large scale installations at leading Media-Art museums such as YCAM and ICC.

Since 2014, he has been creating works that focused on the cryptocurrency and based on the concept called “TRUSTLESS”. That main works are “New Order / Siren Call” that visualizes the existence of cryptocurrency as the origin of the new order, and “空の国家 -State of Empty” that simulates nation states by artificial intelligence (2016, ICC). Also the origin of the both works, “Trustless Trust / Mk.God” that calls memories of future artificial systems (2015, InstitutFrancais/Zinc/SecondNature).

New Order / Siren Call? , 2016
空の国家 -State of Empty , 2016
Trustless Trust / Mk.God , 2015

His works are for establishment of “TRUSTLESS” as an artistic concept. “TRUSTLESS” means technically to entrust trust and belief to algorithms, and its word is often used in the communities of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. The trust as the nature property was kept and handled between humans until the beginning of the 21st century, but now, the humans civilization is promoting mechanical automation of intelligence, contract, labor, and the trust. In this context, he says: “TRUSTLESS is the axis of the automation movements”.
Also, his thought about Arts&Cryptocurrency and TRUSTLESS was published in a major japanese philosophy/critic book. If you can read Japanese, please try reading it (amazon).



As a background of the activities above, he was developing “distributed autonomous network system” as artwork and artistic concept before knowing the cryptocurrency.
The most successful result is “OBSERVER N”, a solo exhibition held at YCAM the biggest Media-Art center in Asia in 2012. It is one of his origins, which was created since 2008, and the exhibition was for reconsidering the limitation of the centralized paradigm of humanism and governance which was revealed by the ‘3.11, 2011’, the great earthquake and the nuclear power plant accident in Japan.

Artists dealing with the concept of “distributed autonomous network” still are very rare. Also until recent cryptocurrency became famous, even people trying to understand the concept were very rare in the art world. He aims to boost the social position of this concept to be discussed properly as Arts.