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Byteball Cashback Program

We have introduced the Byteball Cashback Program.
The case of the payment in Bytes, you can get 20% cashback of the purchase price!

  • How to apply
  • What is Byteball & Cashback Program?
  • How to get it?
  • How to use it?

How to apply

If you are not yet a Byteball holder, please get enough Bytes for shopping first. Then download Byteball Wallet from , backup the wallet, and receive the Bytes into your wallet.
After the preparation above or you already are a byteballer, you can get the cashback by simply buying items in Bytes.

On the Checkout page (see an img below),

  1. Select Byteball bytes (blue line)
  2. Enter your byteball-address (yellow line)

!!!Please Don’t Forget to enter your address!!!

Checkout page
Get your address from bytaball wallet
Rate 20% of the purchase price
Eligibility All purchasers who pay in Bytes
Every time shopping
Period Until the program is closed
Note *Shopping using this cashback can not be returned except our fault. Please understand, this is a countermeasure against cheating.

What is Byteball & Cashback Program?

Byteball is a platform includes cryptocurrency, that is being developed with emphasis on actual demand of payment and smart contract.
The Mobile wallet, which is the main axis of user experience, already incorporates various functions such as multisig, chat bot, P2P insurance, prediction market, issue of asset and KYC. It is expected to build an ecosystem friendly to users, including low transaction fee and quick confirmation.
Also, its core technology is DAG not Blockchain so has the finality, the fair distribution is aimed, and defining the cost of 1bytes per “1byte of the data size of a transaction” may work to suppress excessive speculative volatility as convergence to the fair price.
Please refer their Official Website for the detail.

In addition, the details of the cashback program here ->

Cashback is a way to distribute Bytes (the native currency of Byteball) to users who make purchases and to help build a network of users and merchants who are part of Byteball ecosystem.

There is limited number of coins in the undistributed pool, the program runs as long as the pool is not depleted.

*This shop accepts only “20% cashback program via byteball payment” at this moment because of simplification of our operations.

How to get it?

There are some ways, but this time we recommend to use the exchanges, trading BTC and Bytes(GBYTE), because of continuity and simplicity.

!!! My understanding about Byteball is may not correct. I strongly recommend you to refer to official wiki, white paper, github, and so on. /from Goh.

(I will add the details later…)