About This Shop

This site is an online shop operated by an artist, Goh Uozumi, and sell his art works in cryptocurrency. Also, we want to take opportunities here to develop experimental attempts related to Arts&Cryptocurrency.
Goh Uozumi is an artist with activities for about ten years including exhibitions with various works at art museums and awards, with advanced artistic concepts. He has released works focused on cryptocurrency as an artistic concept in recent years, and launched this site as a part of its activities.
On this shop, we will sell his art works actually exhibited at the museums and new works related with cryptocurrency to be created in the future.

The works are basically made in Japan and shipped internationally to your region. Also, the following coins are available in this shop currently. (+ Paypal&CreditCard payment was added.) Please check out the details on ‘International Shipping’ and ‘Payment & Shipping Process’ pages.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, BNB Coin, Dash, Ethereum, Obyte(Byteball), Monero, ZCash
Bitcoin Cash, BitBean, BlackCoin, Breakout, CloakCoin, Crown, CureCoin, Decred, DigiByte, Dogecoin, eBoost, Ether Classic, Expanse, Goldcoin, Gridcoin, Groestlcoin, Komodo, LISK, MonetaryUnit, NAV Coin, NEO, Nexus, Omni, PinkCoin, PIVX, PotCoin, Peercoin, Qtum, RevolutionVR, Ripple, Stratis, Syscoin, TetherUSD, Vertcoin, Waves, Counterparty, NEM, VERGE, ZCoin, ZenCash

Based on the background described later, this shop starts from selling intentionally low pricing and ‘easy-to-handle’ works. But no need to worry, even if the price is low as an art piece, the piece is not a replica but an original limited edition created by the artist directly. The quality is very high, and archival grade materials are used.

It is up to you how you handle the piece after purchase. You can keep it as an asset for a long time, decorate it in your room or office, or give as a gift. To give an extreme example, even if you directly tack the print up to a wall and it is discolored while time with your daily life, that is one of the important values as arts.
We hope the arts may be with you.

(Since we are dependent on the Fiat economy at the present time, we adjust the product’s price moderately for the price fluctuation of Bitcoin. The reference price of the art piece itself is fixed, we adjust in the finishing option part. And the price range of the Fiat currency is the same even if it is purchased at any time during this year. But, there is a limit to the adjustment range and a possibility that it will not be able to respond. For example, when 1 BTC enters the first half of 5000 USD, we temporarily closes the shop, then restarts after the rise of price.)


Goh has tried several ways to incorporate the cryptocurrency into the lifecycle of arts. Among them, it is not difficult for him to critically treat the thought and culture of cryptocurrency technology and to establish them as art works, and he has achieved sufficient results such as exhibitions and awards so far. However, you may be surprising, the real difficulty was very ordinary matter which “to sell the works in cryptocurrency”.
Of course it is easy to use cryptocurrency as just a channel of payment in the fiat denominated sale (It is the same as buying goods using the point of loyalty programs), but the cryptocurrency-denominated sale is another matter.

For now, to sell works of arts in BTC is risky.
First of all, we now depend on the fiat economy for most of the things we need for production and living. Also most people consciously convert the value of cryptocurrency based on the fiat.
This is an example on the assumption above. The pricing of art works can not be customarily lowered in many cases. That means once the artist priced a work with 1BTC, the notation of that price can not be basically lowered(to be accurate, it’s just undesirable). However, if selling the work in BTC-denominated and the BTC price rise up to several times in one year, it makes the illusion that the price of the work which should have nothing to do with it has risen. The rised price is only BTC, and it is not the work. (Unfortunately, there will be more scammers using this property in future. On this scheme, the scammers can raise the price of the works by artists who does not have any competence. But that works will never remain in history, and the value will collapse. At that time, the artists will lose all trust in the art worlds. The arts may become a world of pump&dump which can no longer be managed any more, than now. That mechanics is powerful and there is no way to escape if swallowed.)
Of course conversely, there is also a risk of collapse of BTC price that received by the artists. The artists may be unable to pay material costs and other production expenses, and the cash flow may fail.
In these problem, he is primarily concerned about the former. He wants the stability than the rising price of the cryptocurrency in this context. However, it may not be realized for the time being, or it may be impossible to realize.

He has been considering about this simple problem for quite a while. Probably that elegant solution is simply “to build an independent economic sphere with crypto-currency”. And someone has to do that someday in the art worlds. Even if the cryptocurrency will fail in the humans history.
This shop is one of the initiatives based on that thinking.

Furthermore, when saying ‘easy-to-handle works’ here, there is another important background.
Goh basically likes activities by solo, the scale of the works tends to become large, and has made many complicated dynamic systems. Therefore, most of his works so far was difficult to sell. There is no way to properly sell the systems as art piece incorporated various software, computers, robots and so on, currently. (Because it will be broken easily.)
The works using new media are difficult to preserve for a long time on the premise of reproducing. Even if you bought the work at high price, it will be just trash that will not run in the near future. (In fact, even the works of Video Art in art museums are stored without being repaired while being damaged. *VideoArt is one of the classical category and media in Arts already.)

This is a serious problem that various artists have, not only him. Therefore, he is developing a non-profit project, Whole Museums, to solve the problem of the market formation and the preservation of new media. In short, that is the development of next-generation-museum-protocols for managing cultural goods with the blockchain.
The profit at this shop is devoted to the development of that project and the production cost of his new works.There are several meanings buying arts. For example, simply wanting to collect things or wanting to build arts history with the works.
In the case of this shop, it also means investing in the artist who promote projects of Arts & Cryptocurrency.


Who is the artist?

Goh UOZUMI aims to intervene in historical paradigm shift by art, and creates works/systems by algorithm based methodologies with taking other intelligence/existence than human beings into consideration. His concepts and motifs cover a wide range in Arts&Technology, including cryptocurrency, mass surveillance, distributed autonomous network and new computational formation theory in arts, and he has exhibited large scale installations at leading Media-Art museums such as YCAM and ICC.

Since 2014, he has been creating works that focused on the cryptocurrency and based on the concept called “TRUSTLESS”. That main works are “New Order / Siren Call” that visualizes the existence of cryptocurrency as the origin of the new order, and “空の国家 -State of Empty” that simulates nation states by artificial intelligence (2016, ICC). Also the origin of the both works, “Trustless Trust / Mk.God” that calls memories of future artificial systems (2015, InstitutFrancais/Zinc/SecondNature).

New Order / Siren Call? , 2016
空の国家 -State of Empty , 2016
Trustless Trust / Mk.God , 2015

His works are for establishment of “TRUSTLESS” as an artistic concept. “TRUSTLESS” means technically to entrust trust and belief to algorithms, and its word is often used in the communities of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. The trust as the nature property was kept and handled between humans until the beginning of the 21st century, but now, the humans civilization is promoting mechanical automation of intelligence, contract, labor, and the trust. In this context, he says: “TRUSTLESS is the axis of the automation movements”.
Also, his thought about Arts&Cryptocurrency and TRUSTLESS was published in a major japanese philosophy/critic book. If you can read Japanese, please try reading it (amazon).



As a background of the activities above, he was developing “distributed autonomous network system” as artwork and artistic concept before knowing the cryptocurrency.
The most successful result is “OBSERVER N”, a solo exhibition held at YCAM the biggest Media-Art center in Asia in 2012. It is one of his origins, which was created since 2008, and the exhibition was for reconsidering the limitation of the centralized paradigm of humanism and governance which was revealed by the ‘3.11, 2011’, the great earthquake and the nuclear power plant accident in Japan.

Artists dealing with the concept of “distributed autonomous network” still are very rare. Also until recent cryptocurrency became famous, even people trying to understand the concept were very rare in the art world. He aims to boost the social position of this concept to be discussed properly as Arts.